About Us


I'm Dr. Alison D. Mitchell and it's a true honor that you have visited She Is Renewed. I'm a Believer, a Wife, a Mother, and a Physician. I grew up in the church and didn't always understand God's purpose for my life. It wasn't until I allowed my heart and mind to be renewed by Him on a continual basis that I received clarity.


As I traversed my college years, I started on a quest of self discovery. After graduating, teaching in public schools for 4 years, I then became aware the next stop would be Medical School. It wasn't until I was faced with the huge challenge of becoming a Physician that I learned to depend and renew in Christ. Since that time, God has continued to guide my every step towards purpose. Which includes pouring into the heart, lives, and souls of women. 


This is where She Is Renewed began. I am daily following His instruction on showing His glory through my life and actions. There is so much God will do through this ministry and I am honored everyday to have been chosen by Him. I pray for the encouragement, deliverance and clarity of every woman who visits this site. We need God today more than ever before and it is my desire to invite Him into every space of my life.



Alison D. Mitchell, MD